Monday, August 5, 2013

10 months & 2.4 years - cousins are the best

my little men

Our summer continues to be filled with lots of activity.  I find if we are not out of the house by 8:30-9 then I have missed the window of opportunity and things get crazy at the house.  Gavin and Brycen are starting to act more and more like siblings.  They are often found doing something mischievous together.  They like to wrestle and Brycen cannot get enough of his big brother.  You can hear that large belly laugh a mile away.  So cute!  Today they were outside playing in the pool and Gavin was squirting him with the hose.  One would think he would be upset but oh no he was laughing up a storm so hard he fell into the pool and continued to laugh LOL!  I adore them :)

This month we have visited numerous playgrounds and outdoor play spaces  (i.e. the gardens, beach, tennis courts, and baseball fields).  Most of our time is spent with Pat Pat and his mommy Auntie Elissa, in addition to Meghan and Clara.  Though we are typically in larger groups Gavin always seems to find a group or individual older lady to play with.  He keeps me on my toes :)

Sprinkler park with Clara :)

Brycen John at the sprinkler park

Super fun water tunnel

Gavin running around Brycen at the playground

First time exploring a baseball field

Brycen lounging 

Boogie boarding with Clara 

Attempting to pump legs on the swing ;)

Brycen at the gardens
We also had some great opportunities to share in special events with friends new and old.  Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim had a super fun BBQ we enjoyed a few weeks ago.  The boys enjoyed their new playground and eating at the picnic table.  I was able to take some fun photos of my naked babe.

Lunch with friends

Brothers swinging 

We also had a really fun playdate with Dylan and Lucy at their house.  It was a nice hot day and they enjoyed the water table and pool.  Gavin and Dylan did attempt to play wheelbarrow LOL
Scaling the chair


We also had some special visitors this past week.  Our cousins Amanda and Devon.  Gavin so enjoyed playing with his older cousin.  We sure did keep them busy with sprinkler parks, birthday parties, beaches, shopping, and a big BBQ at Aunt Chris and Uncle John's.  It was so nice to have them share some fun with us!

Cousins playing

Gavin and Devon

I think he is catching a fish?

One of my favorite Brycen faces

Fun by the pond

His expressions crack me up!
What a busy summer we are having!  We are looking forward to more visitors in the middle of the month and of course more beach time fun.  We only have a few weeks left before I go back to work and Gavin starts school.  And gosh Brycen will be turning one in Spetember!  Where has the time gone.  

P.S. two favorite gavin alan facts

1. I love that when he wants to be picked up he says "I hold you" with his arms raised (melts me everytime).  Then when holding he sighs :)

2. At the car dealership the other day Gavin was melting down cause he wanted a balloon.  It was a bit of a scene LOL.  Out of nowhere I said you can't have them they are John's balloons....he said "Ok mama".  Since this moment everything he can't "have" is John's hehe LOVE HIM

P.S.S. and brycen john of course

1. this boy is cruising and transitioning like crazy...occasionally stands unassisted for play (the time is coming).

2.  he has this infectious growl that just makes you want to laugh....he is sneaky too...can climb up those stairs in ten seconds flat and waits for you up at the top giggling away ;)

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