Monday, April 29, 2013

7 months & 2.1 years ~ music is in my blood

I cannot believe it has been a full month since I have blogged.....

We have been so busy with life and enjoying time with friends.  Some updates about the boys.

Gavin Alan has merged into a full fledged two year old.  He is communicating with more ease but still finds frustration when things do not go his way.  He now notices changes in his environment and finds wonder in it.  Rain is a new favorite.  Some of my favorite things he does is call bananas "bites" and call umbrellas "rain".  Still loves balloons, balls, and bubbles though has recently become interested in dogs.  He is starting to interact with his brother more and more.  And finds pure joy in making him giggle and make funny noises.  We have spent more time outside walking trails and playing on structures.  He is loving that he can go down the "big" slides by himself and can climb up some monkey bar structures.  I look forward to watching him explore more outside as the weather warms.  He is currently bordering on 2T and 3T clothes.  Some of his favorite foods are ice pops, cookies, chicken, ketchup, cantaloupe, and kiwi.  Another favorite of mine is that whenever something doesn't work it is "broken" not working I do mean not going his way! lol  When it comes to his brother he does such a nice job sharing balloons, flowers, and food (though most of these things he should not be eating ;).  He also gives great hugs and kisses to him :)  Here are some highlights from the past month...

another haircut and bubbles

time enjoying the spring

first time on a seesaw on vacation

new obsession spinning tires

spending time with his BFF

painting with shaving cream
Brycen John is a moving and a shaking.  His world is expanding each day.  He can spin, twist, and roll to get to anything he wants.  In addition, he is loving the walker and enjoys that he can move on his own.  Like his brother the bouncer is a hit and he also loves to spend time in the Ergo close to his mama.  He is a mama's boy for sure!  He has been trying some new foods all in whole form.  He seems to be more a self eater.  The first thing he enjoyed was cantaloupe.  He also has enjoyed broccoli, kiwi, apple and potatoes.  Recently we went to a diner with him and he sat in a big boy seat eating some yummy home fries.  He is getting so big so fast!  His current weight is about 20 pounds measuring about 27 1/4 inches.  He has four teeth now and we believe he is working on his fifth.  He also loves to suck and chew on everything he gets his hands on!  And I know I'm his mama so I am bias but gosh he has the best smile with those adorable dimples and an infectious laugh.  I love love love it when Gavin and Brycen start to laugh together.  It's the best sound even.  For fun Brycen also love to attend music class and will stare at the guitar the entire time it is played....he has music in his blood!  Here are some of Brycen's best moments...

helping mom practice her skills from photo class

sleeping on my mama

lots of swing time

four teeth and counting

quality time with big brother
starting to hold my own bottle
The continue to rock my world...