Wednesday, March 27, 2013

gavin alan the big 2!!!!

This little man has my heart and soul!  To believe just two years ago he entered the world as a 5 pound 14 ounce bundle.  If you watch him interact with the world around him you can tell he will have a special place in this world.  His laughter is contagious...his hugs are endearing...and most of all his smile lights up a room.  He is a kind, caring, gentle soul who is passionate about well balloons of course ;)

For his special birthday morning I made him some yummy blue waffles with fruit, a favorite.  It was a great way to start the day.  He was blessed with a new kitchen to play in while we cook in the kitchen, his very own ukulele to encourage his love for music, and a special painting for his wall.
yummy breakfast 
decorating for the big day
hotdog anyone? 
playing a song for momma
a painting I made for gavin's room from one of his favorite books...
do you know it?
On his birthday one of his favorite ladies, Ms. Kelsey, gave him a super special bubble wand.  He also loves bubbles...why you ask....well they are in the spherical "b" family ;)

We did have a little party for Gavin to celebrate the big 2 with some close friends and family.  It was so nice to see all his buddies together.  We filled his playroom with balloons for the event which of course made the event the best party ever!
brycen and his buddy lucy at the party

balloons "wow"

all the boys blowing the candles out
In closing, mr. gavin alan continue to light the world with the fire inside you!  We are so proud of the boy you are....loving you always momma, dada, and baby brycen :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

5 & 23 months - broccoli, balls, and balloons

5 & 23 months ~ time continues to move

Gavin is almost 2 years old!  As I watch Brycen grow, I am reminded of all those moments I watched Gavin learn about the world around him for the first time...his first smiles, giggles, rolls, - sighs  That first year just goes too fast!  Gavin is a mover and a shaker.  His vocabulary is expanding and changing each day.  He really wants to communicate all his needs but at times we are all at a loss.  It's so hard to tell each other what we need and want.  I try to step back and enjoy those cuddle moments he still offers and breathe deeply when we are trying to make sense of each other.  It can be frustrating for us both.  One day he will day he will not want to day he will not be living at home.  Of course I am jumping ahead of myself, alas I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy his babyhood while I have it here.  

exploring with paint
food coloring in the sink
helping momma cook

playing outside in the snow

gavin and his grandma
Brycen John is also growing by the day.  He is rolling from back to front and front to back now.  On his belly he is pushing up and appear to be making attempts to pull his feet underneath him.  I know that soon enough he will be on the move and life as I know it will change.  He likes to pull things to his mouth to teeth on.  Gavin, the kind brother he is, often offers things to Brycen to hold....including but not limited to pretzels, balloons, and balls :)  Through adversity Brycen continues to grow and learn.  I am so amazed with his ability to find comfort in just the touch of our hands in his; as well as his mild temperament even when he is really sick and uncomfortable.  My prayer for him is that he is a healthy toddler and gets all this sickness out of the way as an infant.  

kisses from my brother

starting to hold my bottle on my own

sharing a balloon

new favorite thing to teeth on ;)
Some fun activities we continue to enjoy are music class and outings with friends.  We recently took a trip with some friends to the children's museum.  It was so nice to get all the boys out of the house and play.  I am so looking forward to the warm weather!  Gavin's favorite activities were playing with the beach balls and air machine; as well as using the ball ramp.  I think Gavin will forever have a soft spot for balls and balloons.  Brycen just enjoyed watching the fun!  Unfortunately, the next day both the boys ended up with the stomach bug going around.  Note to self no outings in the winter LOL!  Luckily they are on the mend :)

awesome ball ramp
beach ball fun

trying out the tractor with my bud
In closing, a comparison photo of the boys at twenty one weeks old.  Smiles....they melt me!