Wednesday, February 6, 2013

19 weeks - a year for patrick

brycen john 19 weeks
gavin's bedtime blankie :)

Life here has been moving and grooving.  The boys are getting bigger each day.  I just adore watching them grow and learn about the world around them.  Brycen has this amazing smile and giggle that can melt your heart.  Such big dimples on that chubby face.  He went for his 4 month appointment and weighed in at just under 17 pounds and 26 inches.  He loves to suck anything he can get his hands on, his most favorite is his thumb.  He is reaching and grabbing things in his world and loves to grasp our fingers as he drinks his bottle.  It is so cute.  He also loves to play in the tubby and giggles at his brother as he helps me to wash him!  

Gavin has turned into such a two year old.  He is so grown up sometimes it brings a tear to my eye reflecting on that little baby I used to cuddle at night and hold in my arms as he fell to sleep.  He still does like to cuddle and give hugs and kisses!  That I love about him :)  His language continues to expand with each encounter.  He is starting to label names to people in his life and find ways to help us understand what he wants by labeling foods and objects he needs.  His new favorite saying is "O-Kay", which he says to acknowledge us or when something falls.  The other morning I heard a loud bang in the living room from the kitchen, as I was running to see what happened I heard him inform me that he was "O-Kay" LOL :)  Love him :)

making balloons out of pipe cleaners 

little heart throb
getting ready for his haircut
haircut time :)
Last week we celebrated Patrick's first birthday with him.  It was so great to see all our friends and share such a wonderful milestone in Patrick's life!  Where has the time gone...too fast....too fast

the balloon did not leave his hands
music for everyone
In closing, here are some more bathtime photos to share.  Gavin is loving dying his water a variety of colors and I am enjoying Brycen's little toes.  I look forward to attempting a group bath soon...stay tune!