Wednesday, January 23, 2013

4 & 22 - the future is so bright

Its been almost a month since my last post and I am finding it hard to believe that I have been so aloof with posting :(  But then.....then I remember that I am now back at work and time seems to go by in a different way!  Being back at work is nice but being both a professional teacher and mom is hard work.  When I get home I am exhausted but I still manage to get the boys out exploring and playing with friends.  

Brycen has some solid head control now and enjoyed being in a sitting position.  He has explored the jumper and rolled over from his belly to his back a few weeks ago.  He is not a fan of belly time but we make sure to try it each day.  He loves to look in the mirror and just started holding objects and interacting with them by exploring his sense of touch and taste.  His favorite by far is Azul his bunny rattle from his Busia.  

We look forward to bringing him to his four month appointment.  I would be surprised if he weighs in at less them 16 pounds.  Already he can fit into Carter's (which run small in my opinion) size 18 month LOL.  That is what he is wearing in that photo with Gavin at the top.  In Gap clothes he is wearing 6-12 months and I think he will out grow them soon.  Like Gavin he has a long torso which makes onesies a difficult fit.  Here are some special photos of him exploring his world...
In the mirror us two
Bath time without the hammock!
Gavin feeding Brycen :)
Gavin's skills are exploding around us.  Some new favorites are feeding himself cereal with milk, climbing out of his crib and climbing up his dresser (this makes me very nervous though we temporarily ceased it), and using new vocabulary in context.  Some of his favorite words/phrases are "nice", "gross", "one more please", and "let's go".  Though we have language barriers still he has found a variety of ways to express what he wants and how he is feeling.  

Gavin loves bubbles!
Futures so bright, I gotta wear shades :)

Ride 'Em
New Jammies :)
Even though the weather has been chilly...we have tried to get outside each opportunity we can to move and groove.  Of course I love to take photos outside with the boys.  I can only imagine how sick of seeing photos they will be when they are older LOL  When we can't get outside we enjoy taking rides through the car wash, playing with play-dough, exploring with magna-doodles, and building structures with pipe cleaners.  
branch anyone? by the way nice outfit LOL

We played with this for 40 minutes snickers :)

Telling me about the ball....

another ball....hummm I see a trend

Gavin and dad playing at the playground :)

Love the sun in this photo!

Swinging is a favorite and this day he tried the big boy swing for the first time :)  WHOO HOO

My attempt at a group shot ;/

until another time....adios

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3 and 21.....let it snow oh what fun

Brycen - 3 months / Gavin 21 months

New Years Eve has come and gone.  The Christmas tree is down and the boys are another month older.    This year Gavin was more aware of the changes around the house for the holidays.  He loved the tree and he helped me to decorate it with photos of our family from the year.  It was a creative way to decorate so it was interactive for him.  He would often take photos off and replace them in new locations.  The lights were by far exciting to look at and he loved the bells on his stocking :)  

On Christmas Eve we had dinner with Busia and Pop which included family presents.  The boys got awesome new blankets, featured in their weekly / monthly photos, and some great clothes and toys!  Gavin loves his new animals and bath toys :)  

Gavin also enjoyed playing with the wrappings from his presents and being pulled in an old school wooden toy.  He had a blast celebrating with the family.  Brycen and Gavin both got into their special jammies from Auntie Elissa and Uncle Tim before heading to bed that night!

Christmas morning the boys woke up to a tree full of special gifts from Santa.  Gavin appeared a bit perplexed by the event but eventually dug into his new cardboard blocks which he enjoys building towers around himself with. 

That evening we enjoyed a Christmas brunch with Ridge and his family.  I attempted a group shot and this is all I could muster with two toddlers on the move.  Chicken and waffles was a super way to end the evening 


Though Gavin did not have an opportunity to visit with Santa this year....partly due to a busy time of year and us not wanting to bring anymore germs to the family LOL, he posed with the life-like Santa at the Honda dealership. This past week we picked up my (our) new family car!  So exciting!!  It is now living with us and it makes me happy :)

In closing,  we did have some snow so Gavin, Chad I ventured out while Brycen was napping.  It was so much fun to watch his excitement as he explored.  Of course I enjoyed photographing the event!

 Let's close with a Brycen collage just because he melts my heart!