Tuesday, October 23, 2012

month 19 & week 4 - pumpkin time

Here is my attempt at a brother photo shoot LOL :)  Well at least it was a good time though Gavin did try to eat the pumpkins and threw them around the house screaming ball.  Lucky for us he did not throw one at Brycen.  What seemed like a good idea ended up with Gavin distraught and me removing and hiding the pumpkins...snickers.  However there was a fast recovery with some grapes at hand.
Comfy blanket from Brycen's crib bedding :)
Big brother Gavin!
Gosh...where has the time gone.  Brycen is now 4 weeks old and Gavin is 19 months.  Each day in our home we become more and more acclimated to life as four.  Gavin continues to shower love on his brother and only shows some jealousy when I am feeding Brycen and that has been diverted for the most part with special sippy cups and some television ;)  Brycen has also embarked on the journey of lengthening his body.  He is less curled up and is gaining weight (now 10lbs 6oz) and inches (23 inches) every day.  Right not they are both soundly sleeping hence why I can write this blog.  I must say with two it becomes increasingly harder.  In addition, the house is increasingly harder to keep in order.  I don't know how stay at home moms or dads do it.  I feel like I just feed children all day LOL!!!!  How does one clean and cook...well I guess I could be doing it right now but blogging is so much more exciting :)

Brycen sound asleep after his photoshoot!
Some highlights this week include Gavin's new fascination with the vacuum cleaner.  It seems not matter where we hide it he finds it.  He is in love with taking the cord on and off, as well as pushing it around the house.  Chad even hid it in the shower the other day....though the fruit loop I am forgot and almost showered the vacuum cleaner.  Of course the second I took it out Big Daddy was right behind me dragging it into the living room.

As the world of Gavin evolves Brycen observes.  I wonder what he must think of all this...will he follow in his brothers footsteps with the big bold personality or will he be a silent observer.  We will see all in good time.  For now he just tags along on our varied adventures on walks, to playgrounds, birthday party, etc.
Sporting a buddies hat at the playground for a friends birthday celebration!


Snoozing Brycen John!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

brycen john week 3 - day adventures with two

Brycen and I have spent many a nights sleeping with this quilt!

Our home is becoming full of life as these two little men find their place in the world.  Gavin is acclimating to his brother.  He greets him with hugs and kisses everyday.  He is learning to be gentle with his hands and that his brother cannot yet play ball with him :)  We have managed to take more outings as a family and even some walks.  One awesome thing we did this week was head out to an indoor playscape where Gavin had a blast exploring with the bubbles and bouncy houses (he did obsess a bit over some birthday balloons LOL).  Brycen enjoyed being carried the entire time and being loved by other mommas :)

This week we also headed out apple picking with Auntie Elissa, Uncle Tim, Patrick and Jessie and Ridge.  We got a bunch of apples that I am as we speak making some applesauce with YUM!  Gavin also had the opportunity to eat his first full apple....core and all ;)

Our third big outing was to see their daddy run his first 5K....WHOO HOOO!  We were so proud of him :)  He is now working towards bigger and better races in hopes to complete a marathon in the Spring.  

Zoe and Gavin snacking and watching the big race!
So I guess we have been super busy...not to mention all the adventures in the home each day.  Life with two boys sure is busy and exhausting.  We look forward to having some well deserved adult nights out in the future weeks.  Here are a couple of photos of Brycen that make me smile all over.  Love them!

Oh and before I forget...check out my newest blogging adventure at http://feedingfree.blogspot.com!  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Brycen enters our world...


Brycen John has entered our world.  We are in love once again!  Gavin has been acclimating to life no longer alone.  Transitioning to a new sibling is not easy.  Gavin continues to test boundaries however everyday he finds his own special way to show how he loves his brother.  Brycen is referred to as "the baby" and Gavin takes multiple opportunities to hug and love on his brother.  He has also tried to play ball with him which is often one sided!

I have managed to capture a few select photos of him and his brother.  They make my heart melt!  For me it was really hard opening my heart to another little man.  Gavin is such a big part of my world and you often wonder if you can take on another love.  Well yes you can...however as I watch Brycen grow and change I am reminded of how fast Gavin's infanthood has passed.  Though I have shed many tears due to my overwhelmed postpartum self....I know that my biggest goal is to make sure that both boys are loved as individuals.

Brycen's first two weeks home have been busy.  Though we have spent many days inside we have had some great friends and family who have visited us!  Gavin and Brycen even had their first play date with Patrick and Addie.  Also we attended Amelia's second birthday party at the park.  We are up and running finding out how everything fits into place.  

Gavin is continuing to gain language and has become adept at climbing into and onto objects one never dreamed possible.  He has a amazing way of making you feel warm and fuzzy all over with his cute ability to say "thank you" just at the right times.  He is our gentle giant....with so much love to share.  I took the time to take some photos of him this week as he was playing in the living room.  I still can't believe he was once as small as Brycen.....sighs!