Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 months & 2.5 years ~ change is in the air

off to preschool big brother
This week we sent our oldest out into the world to learn and grow.  It touched our hearts to watch him put on his little backpack and wander on off with a line of littles.  Such a big boy he is!  He seems to be adjusting well to the big world out there, we hope you love him as much as we do :)

As we entered September there were many mixed emotions in our family.  We moved yet again, I went back to work from a summer of fun with my men, Chad schedule changed, Gavin started preschool, and Brycen is about to be one in just a few days.  Gosh where has the time gone.  Gavin and Brycen have transitioned into full-blown brother mode.  They have these unbelievable moments where they get each other so worked up with the giggles...and it just melts your heart.  Other times they scream and pull and fight to the point that we need to separate them LOL.  Brycen is almost as big as Gavin so I must say he can hold his out Gavin!

up to no good

The month of August was fast and furious.  We kept busy with beach time and various play dates.  Brycen is now a full blown walker and can keep up with the other kids on the sand and in the field.  He is fast and fearless.  My life just became crazier.  This boy loves to climb everything he can get his hands on, and he will eat just about anything in the same loopy manner as big brother (shoveling).  Not sure where they learned all that?  

beach with clara

aaron and brycen wading 

new friends at the playground

more new friends
(brycen is practicing for cross fit kids)

gavin and clara riding the swings like horses
This month we were also blessed with some wonderful visitors....our cousins from New York!  What an amazingly inspiring family they are.  The boys were so thrilled to spend the week with them.  They enjoyed pond activities such as kayaking, flying kites, singing, and received some very special gifts.  We hope you Vogel's visit again soon!!!!  We miss you :)

getting ready for a kayak ride

cousin david and gavin

learning about kites
In closing to yet another month of growth and change I will share a few of my select favs from the month.  As many of you know I take too many photos and I could never share all the ones I love...just snapshots.  I hope one day my boys will look back and reflect on these words and images.  

me and mini me

taking a family hike

enjoying the last few moments of summer

basketball time with daddy

brycen john daredevil 
sneaky little guy

me and the boys :)

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