Saturday, June 8, 2013

8 months & 2.2 years ~ ring around the pole

Gavin may be pushing him off the chair ;) LOL
So I have spent the past few weeks thinking about preschool options for it that time already.  He will just be 2.6 by September but I think he is ready for the leap.  He adores being in large group settings especially those with older kids.  When we go to the local playground he always seeks out older girls between the ages of 6-9 who he follows around and continuously says "hi" to.  I adore his gumption!  I'm hoping to find him the perfect placement for September where he can continue to practice the fine art of kindness and "hugging".  He is such a hugger!!!

On a sad note he said goodbye to his babyhood friend Ridge yesterday!  Though we will see him again it is sad to think they will not be together growing up and going to school.  Through the birth of our boys Jessie and I also became very close (like sisters) and I am saddened by their absence; however I look forward to a road trip next spring.  Will they all really be walking then?  Gosh better baby proof that house with four boys under 4 LOL.

This month Gavin started to initiate the potty.  Which is a big deal I must say.  He is becoming such a big boy.  He did manage to pull his pants down at the dinner table and pee on the floor as well.  Not quiet sure what all that means, however I am just riding it out.  I figure when he is ready it will happen. Lucky most preschools do not insist he be potty trained.  I plan to start some cloth diapering when school lets out to support the cause and see how he reacts.

pouring soda for my brother

ridge and gavin playing at heritage

proof photo from a shoot with our good friend Heidi Vail
this boy can climb anything

And Brycen oh little "big" Brycen.  Gosh this boy must weigh close to 25 pounds.  He is getting heavy to lug around...geez I make big babies.  Brycen has begun the art of crawling.  He prefers the army crawl for sure and can pull him self on top of most any object including his brother (who does not like it at all!).  What a happy baby he is!  This boy is always smiling and laughing.  He occupies himself and loves his brother.  Oh Gavin can get the cutest giggles out of that adorable!

Recently Brycen has started to explore with whole foods.  For a while I was thinking maybe only one child would eat me out of house and home, alas we may have another in the making.  He is enjoying fruits such as watermelon, apples, bananas, cantaloupe, and pears.  Recently Gavin has shared with him   unknowingly french fries, chex cereal, potatoes, strawberries, chicken, and and ice pop.  Oh my watch out bank account these boys are going to break us.  Do you REALLY understand me.  Put it this way some of the items we ordered this week for groceries which are now almost gone mid week....four dozen eggs, 3 quarts of strawberries, 3 quarts of grapes, two cantaloupes,  four heads of broccoli,  two packages of mushrooms, 10 bananas, I can go on but I won't bore you with the details.  Just understand I am raising football players here!

I must say as Brycen grows his locks are just stunning.  Smooth, soft and curly.  I am curious to see how this all progresses over time.  I am determined to hold off on a cut for this boy.  He has my interest peeked....will it all become an afro-inspired do?  Hummm...we will see curly haired one we will see.  There is the slightest resemblance to a Goonie I know.  Not naming any names, however I am trying to refrain from calling him the "fat one".  Sighs he's going to have a complex...and it's all my fault LOL!  I love you Brycen :)

sitting on big brothers' chair

attempt at group photo

another heidi vail proof - love her work

banana boy

Can time move any faster...sometimes I look back at photos and hardly remember them.  Lucky for these boys I take too many photos.  Sadly I just noticed my iphone had over 5000 photos I haven't cleared LOL.  Maybe I should take care of that so my scramble app will work more efficiently.  Life with technology....sighs.  Mama to all who read :)